Add-on Adventures

Add-on Adventures

Many more things to do on the ride

The longer we live in Samoa the more must-do activities we find.  So if you have a few spare days consider adding some of the following extra bits onto your trip after cycling Savaii.

These generally link together in a ride around Upolu.

Manono Island by Kayak

Manono is a very traditional Island where bikes, dogs and cars are banned.  

Kayaking to the island can be done entirely within the reef or the more adventurous can take a shortcut through an open ocean area where we usually see giant turtles.  Once on the island there is plenty to do with basket making, umu preparation, an historic star mound and good snorkelling.  A visit to the local school has been a highlight for many.

This can be done with a one night stay, but the island deserves at least two nights..  A variety of accommodation is now available.

Kayak Sailing, fishing and snorkelling Day

Try sailing a kayak from our base in Mulifanua, or head out for a fish or snorkel by the reef.

Waterfalls and Coastering

Fancy a challenging day canyoning up a steep gorge with several spectacular waterfalls?  Jump them if you dare, but they are spectacular to to visit and bathe under.

Or take a coastering challenge.  Traverse a remote and increasingly rugged coastline with the aid of ropes around the cliffs and the odd compulsory swim.  Bash through the jungle with a machete and visit some truely spectacular headlands.  

This is a 5 start challenge day - expect to finish feeling you have earned a beer or three.

Giant Clams

This spectacular but little known reserve should be a must see for all visitors to Samoa.  The bed of almost 200 clams - most more than 60cm long lies in a sheltered lagoon in about 2m of water.  

Nuusafee Island

Nuusafee is a small uninhabited, pristine island accessible only by kayak.  As well as the idyllic beaches there is great snorkelling and a high chance of seeing turtles.

After lunch on the island explore the surrounding lagoons and paddle to the Tafatafa fale resorts.

Experienced kayakers can combine a visit here with an open ocean paddle to Aganoa Black Sands and Sinalei Resort.

To Sua Trench

This spectacular salt water pool features on many Samoa posters and is well worth a visit.  Diving through the deep, long tunnel to the sea is only for the very experienced, but for everyone else swimming in the pool and admiring the collapsed lavea tube and the forces that created this grotto are well worth the diversion.

Namua Island

The fale resort is located on a pristine beach on an otherwise uninhabited island.  There is plenty to explore on the island, but by this stage of the trip many are content to just enjoy the calm and solitude of the beach.

For those in need of more adventure, kayaking from here can be spectacular as Namua is part of the Aleipata group of four islands that teem with birdlife.  Explore the old leper colony ruins, paddle amongst the resident dolphins, spot the occasional passing whale.  This is a special area.

Helicopter Adventure

Incorporate a helicopter ride in your Samoa holiday.  Its a great way to cross the Apolima Strait to Savaii, observe the reef structure and gain a whole new perspective on the country. Travel conventionally in the seat or try a cargo net experience.  Trips are surprisingly affordable for 4 or 5 people.


Include a fale style homestay in your trip.  Samoan family hospitality is legendary and it is one of the best ways to prepare and eat traditional Samoan food and to observe village life close up.  Sleeping arrangements will be marae style (everyone on the floor in the same room), but you will get a mattress and mosquito net.  Food will be traditional, so be prepared for Taro, palusami and probably either umu prepared meat and/or fresh water prawns.

Apia Tour

Apia is quite different to the rest of Samoa, but there are several activities that are well worth a day.

  • Robert Louis Stevenson Museum has a fascinating tour that fills in a significant amount of history.
  • The fish markets - not everyones cup-of-tea but a remarkable insight into what you have been sharing the sea with.
  • Flea Markets - shoppers paradise for some
  • Pololu Deep - a remarkably good swimming hole with good coral and some large fish

Setting off for Namua

Nuutele Island

Arriving at Samamea

Manono Island

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