What to Take

Less Clothes more Attitude

The old saw is take half the clothes and twice the money.  That is only half true on our trips as there is little to spend money on and most of our trips include transport, accommodation and most of your activities and meals.

The half the clothes part is true.  It's a lovely warm climate, something almost impossible to fully imagine when you are packing in winter is that you will not wear a jersey at all.  The casual style of the resorts also reduces suitcase size, but do be aware that conservative dress outside the resorts is important.

Do bring a sense of adventure and a willingness to try new things.  Samoa is not particularly sophisticated and not everything works quite as well as it might in an expensive resort would.  However being a caring host is a core part of the Samoan way, so with a little tolerance for a different set of priorities, you will have a great experience.

Cycling is best in light, modest clothes.  If you wear cycle pants either wear baggies over them or use mountain bike shorts.  Light nylon shorts make it easier to take a dip whenever you want.  

The guidebook (provided with all trip bookings and also available for purchase separately) contains a fuller list and recommendations on preparation and what to bring. 

Special Items

Several little things are worth preparing for and in most cases we have ways of helping with hire gear.

Remember that the international airport is near our base and the ferry terminal, but an hour from Apia. If you are touring Savaii you will only get to Apia at the end of the trip (if at all).  Compounding this is that all town shops are shut from midday Saturday till Monday morning.  Salelologa is only one town on Savaii and it will be closed by the time you arrive on a Saturday.

Bike bits

We supply tool kit, pump, spare tube and handlebar bag.  You are welcome to bring your own pedals and saddle, but most people find our comfortable saddles most appropriate.

Snorkel Gear

There is none for sale on Savaii and very little available in Apia.  Bring your own or hire from us.

Mobile phones and Internet

Roaming charges from NZ and Australia in Samoa were prohibitive but check with your provider as some now offer $5 a day deals.  The best value for most people will be to get a local SIM in their phone.

There are two local GSM providers. Both are open for most flights at the airport and sell Sim cards and economic prepay deals.  If you miss out at the airport the only other options are Salelololga and Apia (with their limited hours). Make sure your phone is not locked and you know how to configure new sims for data.

Wifi access is limited and expensive (around 12 Tala per hour).  There is almost no free wifi in Samoa.  With the new cable to samoa now operating the prices for Internet are coming down, but as almost all Internet is distributed via 4G, the cheapest option by far is to buy a local sim card.


Lockable luggage

If you are staying in fales there is no lock on your room.  It is always a good idea to bring a lockable suitcase.  Some people also like to keep their wallet and phone in a small packsafe that can be locked into the rafters.  We have these for sale and hire.

Water purification

Tap water is generally not regarded as potable (there is a good reticulation and a coarse filtration system but chlorine usage is at best spasmodic).  While bottled water is available in all resorts and some shops a high quality water filter is easier on the pocket and probably more reliable.  

Gear for Hire

Gear is available for hire to people booking tour or bike hire only.

Items for Rent   7 day hire  10 day hire 2 Week hire 3 week hire
Mask & Snorkel Set (Atlantas Spree or Epselom E-Visio) Includes mesh bag for easy carrying NZ $ $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $45.00
Samoan Tala 50 Tala 60 Tala 70 Tala 80 Tala
Fins (Apollo Rubber Fins) - Includes mesh bag when hiring NZ $ $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
Samoan Tala 35 Tala 40 Tala 50 Tala 60 Tala
Pack Safe NZ $ $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
Samoan Tala 35 Tala 40 Tala 50 Tala 60 Tala


Hire gear invoiced before travel will be charged in NZ$.  Request equipment hire when confirming trip itinerary.

See also Hire bikes  for bike hire rates and details.