Option days

Option days

Extra activities

Add cycling, kayaking, snorkelling, waterfalls and beach options.

Description Cycling Beaches Comfort Adventure Culture
Choose and plan your adventures to suit your group As challenging and uncomfortable as you ask it to be.
Choose and plan your adventures to suit your group
As challenging and uncomfortable as you ask it to be.

While our Adventure Day is designed as a day that will be interesting and suitable for everyone, these optional activities are set to a level that suits those who opt in. 

Select one or several options or create new options using these as a base idea.  

Mountain Biking

Cycle our mix of single track and 4WD tracks through the forest and plantations behind Mulifanua.

Beaches, waterfalls and pools

Take a full day active tour of the best natural attractions of Upolu.  There is more to see than fits in a day but include:

  • Snorkel at the Giant Clams
  • Swim at Togitogiga falls
  • Walk to the Ma Tree
  • Swim at To Sua Trench
  • BBQ lunch at a classic South Coast beach

Turtle Kayak 

Kayak down a stream through the mangroves and out into the main lagoon where we always see turtles.

Village Cycle

Cycle through villages beside the lagoon.  Optionally continue to the Giant Clams for a snorkel and lunch

Nuusafee Kayak

Nuusafee is a small uninhabited island with its own reef and white sand beaches. Kayak there, snorkel the reef and picnic on the beach.  

Manono Kayak

The villagers of Manono have banned dogs and cars, so the two hour walk around the coastal beaches is a chance to observe and participate in village life that is amongst the most traditional of Samoa.  Access can be by small ferry (fishing boat) or guided in our kayaks.

Explore Savaii

Savaii is the biggest island in Samoa and far more traditional than the main Island of Upolu. Some of the best beaches in Samoa are here along with the Taga blowholes and Afu Aau waterfalls.  The ferry crossing takes a little over an hour, and while it is possible to get a taste of the island in a day, it deserves at least two.

Mulifanua Day

From our base at Mulifanua try a range of activities including Mountain biking, village cycling, plantation tours, kayaking and kayak sailing.  



Kayak sailing


Walk the plank

Togitogiga falls


Giant Clams

Cycle ford

Ma Tree



Mountain bike

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